YSU offers over 100 multimedia classrooms which are equipped with Cisco Webex Technology. Learn about these innovative teaching spaces.

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Pinned Article Webex Classroom: Aneal Mohan Kohli Classroom of the Future

Classrooms of the Future, Webex Meetings, and Webex Teams enables YSU faculty and staff to continue providing students with high impact learning experiences beyond the classroom walls. Learn more and view the locations.

Pinned Article Webex Classroom: Campus-wide Webex Classrooms

One hundred classrooms have been upgraded to Webex during the summer of 2022. Locate these spaces and learn about how to use them.

Pinned Article Webex Classroom: Webex Classroom Technology User Guide

View and/or Download the Webex Classroom User Guide.

Webex Classroom: Using the Touch Screen Monitor

All Webex classrooms and some Airtame rooms have a touch screen monitor.  Use Microsoft Ink in PowerPoint and Word, Webex Annotate or Blackboard Collaborate in a hybrid meeting to write on your content.

Webex Classroom: Present from the Webex Education Connector in Blackboard

The Webex Education Connector allows faculty to integrate Webex into their Blackboard Learn or Ultra course shell to schedule class hybrid or synchronous online meetings. Students may join class virtually using a link in Blackboard. Course recordings are linked back into the course shell.

Webex: Add Webex to Your Blackboard Courses

How to add Webex as a tool in your Blackboard Course

Webex Classroom: Understanding the Touch Panel

The Webex Touch Panel enables you to connect and share information through the Webex classroom technology and video conferencing system.

Webex Classroom: Present Using the Instructor Station PC

The Webex Classroom offers an easy to use touch panel making presentation from the lectern PC as simple as two taps.

Webex Classroom: Hybrid Classroom or Remote Guests

Using the Webex classroom, instructors may present to a hybrid audience or invite guests to present to their class.

Webex Classroom: Present Wirelessly from a Personal Device

Use the wireless connection established between the Webex app and equipment when you are within close proximity to Cisco Webex equipment.

Webex Classroom: Present Using Your Personal Device with HDMI Cable

An HDMI connection port is available on the lectern; however, an HDMI cord may not be present.  Due to the portability of the cord, we ask that you bring your own HDMI cord.