Webex Classroom: Using the Touch Screen Monitor


How can I use the touch screen monitor at the lectern?


All Webex classrooms and some Airtame classrooms have a touch screen monitor.   Using your finger double tap an application on the desktop to open it to determine if your instructor station monitor is touch screen.  

  • Use Webex Annotate
  • Use Microsoft Ink for PowerPoint in Presentation Mode
  • Use Microsoft Ink for PowerPoint or Word in Edit Mode

Use Webex Annotate

The Annotate tool is only available when you start a Webex Meeting from the desktop app. 

  1.  Click Share to share content using the Webex desktop app.

  1. Select Annotate from the tool bar which displays at the top of the shared screen.

 Select annotate from the webex tool bar.

Choose a tool from the menu (pointers, lines, pens, shapes, color, etc. shown below).

1. Allow annotation by participants.Click or tap again to revoke permission.
2. Call out arrow or laser pointer.
3. Add text annotation.
4. Draw lines to underline content or call attention.
5. Draw a square, oval, check mark, or x mark.
6. Pen or pencil tool.
7. Change the color of text, lines, shapes, and the pen or pencil tool.
8. Eraser tool to select and delete annotations or clear all.
9. Redo the previous annotation.
10. Save annotations. Note: Annotations n
ot saved are lost after you end the session.
11. Go back to mouse pointer mode.

Image to help visualize the annotation toolbar breakdown in webex.

Use Microsoft Ink for PowerPoint (Presentation Mode)

  1.  In presentation mode, click the lower right corner to select the appropriate tool and pen color.

NOTE: Add blank slides to a presentation for notations, if necessary.

Use Microsoft Ink in Word and PowerPoint (Edit Mode)

  1. In edit mode, click the Draw tab in Word or PowerPoint.

  1. Select the appropriate tool and pen color.



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