Service Catalog

Categories (6)

Account Management

YSU Login ID Assistance

Services relating to passwords, authentication, access, etc.

Email / Communication

Office 365 Email, YMES (YSU Mass Email System).

Business Applications

Services relating to Business Applications (Banner, WebFocus, 3rd Party Software integrated with Banner and custom applications)

CCTV Requests

Services relating to the CCTV system.

Network and Telephone Services

Repair or add wired Network, Telephone and Voicemail Services, Guest WiFi access


Request software installations on YSU systems or report problems with YSU software

Services (6)

YSU Remote Support

Remote Support from IT Staff through Bomgar.

Hardware: Purchase New Computer

This is a request to purchase a new computer.

Printer: Request Toner

Request toner for YSU printers

IT General Help (Incident)

Report something is broken or not functioning as it should.

IT General Request

Request or modify an existing IT Service.

IT Consultation

Request for information from IT. Ask a question, for general assistance or for a consultation.