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Demonstrates how to sync team file storage locations with computers for easy access.
OneDrive is cloud-based storage available to all YSU students, faculty and staff. One TB of storage can be synced to your personal device. Learn more...
This shows students how they can download OneDrive to Android devices and how to create and use a folder.
Use the OneDrive Pocket Guide to become familiar with the layout and functions available in OneDrive.
OneDrive enables users to share and access data in the cloud. Learn more about OneDrive.
Use this article to ensure data is backed up using Youngstown State University resources.
OneDrive is available through online applications found inside your Office 365 account.
This article explains how to access your OneDrive in the YSU App Cloud.
Upload and save files and folders to OneDrive in your browser, on your desktop or in your productivity software.
OneDrive is cloud based storage which enables users to manage data and collaboration on the web.
Your student profile is your student data including your name, YSU student email address, YSU student ID number, and an optional nickname. You can also find preferred language, privacy, and notification setting controls.