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Steps to install and upgrade applications on YSU owned iPads.
This article provides instructions for a clean install of Windows 10 on a personal device.
This article will quickly guide you through setting up your new iPhone for the first time.
This article explains how to reset your keychain password after you've changed your portal password. This will prevent many of the popups when there is a password mismatch in keychain between your old password and new password.
Instructions on how to connect to WiFi
Information on how to access Adobe Creative Cloud for student personal devices who are in specific courses which require access.
This article answers questions that students have regarding their print services and guidelines on campus.
Guide to using PaperCut Mobility print on various operating systems.
This document provides instruction on how the access the YSU App Cloud. The YSU App Cloud provides access to the virtual software previously used in the YSU computer labs.
Instructions for accessing the RDP portal and connecting to campus lab machines
This article explains how to download hundreds of Microsoft applications for your personal device.
LabFind app list labs and software around campus. Learn how to download and use the LabFind mobile application.
Blackboard Collaborate is a web-conferencing tool built specifically for live, multimedia, many-to-many collaboration using voice over internet (VoIP) audio; live webcams; breakout rooms for small group discussions; interactive whiteboards that let you show PowerPoint presentations; chat-style messaging; and screen sharing.
Student Device Loan Terms and Conditions
How to Fix Adobe Apps showing 7 Day Trial
This article describes technology you will find in a YSU classroom.
This article will guide you to connecting to the YSU Guest Wi-Fi network.
Airtame is a cross platform device that allows users to connect a Windows, Linux, Mac, Chromebook, IOS or Android device wirelessly to a projector or screen. The user can display their screen, documents, or applications and presentations. Connecting wirelessly allows you as an instructor the freedom to interact, engage, and collaborate with students anywhere in the classroom and it allows for collaboration and sharing from the students and their own devices.
This article provides instructions on using the Webcam in the Airtame classrooms.