How to Succeed in an Online Working Environment


How do I succeed in an online working environment?


Succeeding in an Online Environment

  1. Check your YSU emails often.  YSU's voicemail system has an added feature to email you audio recording from voicemail.
  2. Be patient and persistent. If you run into any technical challenges or issues such as Wi-Fi connection or being unable to access a service like Webex, please reach out to our Service Desk or call 330-941-1595. We are here to support you. 
  3. Keep in daily contact with your supervisor and co-workers. 
  4. Create a work environment that is comfortable and conducive to working.

There are a wide range of tools available at YSU for working remotely, such as Cisco Webex Meetings and Teams, Microsoft Teams, One Drive and more.  If you are unsure how to access or use these tools, please see our curated user guides and videos for training. Register to attend a workshop.

Additional ResourcesStay productive while working remotely

Communication between Supervisor and Staff, and Between Co-workers 

Use YSU email as a source for communication. YSU has many tools for remote collaboration, such as Cisco Webex Meetings, Cisco Webex Teams, Microsoft Teams or Microsoft Skype. These tools provide you with a collaboration space where you can message, meet via video or phone, schedule remote meetings, whiteboard access and file sharing. A direction should be set as to which tools work best for your department. Daily team huddles are a good way to start your day; this keeps teams connected and aware of work to be completed each day. 

Any of our online meeting software has the ability to record a meeting for future reference. This is useful when training is given, and it can be referenced at a future date.  Normally, the meeting creator has the ability to save and share the recording.   

You can share documents using your department's shared drives. There are numerous alternative methods available for sharing documents, such as Microsoft OneDrive or Microsoft Teams. There is documentation below that will help you find the right filesharing tool(s) for your department.

One nice feature that Cisco Webex Meetings has that Microsoft Teams does not have is the ability for invitees to phone in to the meeting when they are not connected to Wi-Fi or a laptop. Cisco Webex Meeting and Microsoft Teams enables you to easily invite people from outside your organization to meetings. 

Connectivity from Off-Campus 

Staff can access the YSU network from off-campus by either using VPN software or VPN along with Remote Desktop Connection software. 

If you have a YSU-owned laptop, using VPN software provides you access to YSU network the same as if you are physically in your office. You will have access to all of your applications such as Banner Admin Pages and your department share drives.   

If you have only your personal laptop or desktop, using VPN, along with Remote Desktop Connection software provides you access to your office computer in the same way as if you were physically in your office. You will have access to all of your applications such as Banner Admin Pages and your department share drives. Please note, using just a VPN with your personal laptop or desktop does not provide the ability to access your department share drives 

Note: VPN access is supported by your internet connection. Dropped VPN connections or seemingly unstable connectivity is likely the result of your internet provider or a bad Wi-Fi connection. 

Additional Information:  Connectivity Tips  

 Office Phone

See How to Use the Voicemail System (General Instructions) to learn more.

To access your voicemail from off-campus: 

  1. Dial 330-941-2034 

  2. Press * 

  3. Enter extension followed by # 

  4. Enter password 


YSU Documentation  

Cisco Webex Meetings 

  • This software allows you to virtually collaborate with one or many people. You can video call or audio call into the meetings. A phone number is provided so landlines or cell phones can call into the meetings. During meetings, you can send chat messages, file share, use a collaborative whiteboard, screen share and record meeting content

Cisco Webex Teams 

Microsoft Teams

  • YSU has two software choices for easy virtual team collaboration between two or more people. You can create meetings with the ability to video call or audio call into the meeting. You can send chat messages, file share, screen share and record meeting content

Overview of Office 365 Suite

  •  This is a brief overview of software available from Microsoft Office

Microsoft OneDrive

  • This is a file hosting service like Google Drive and is connected to your YSU email address. It allows you to create shared folders for your staff, share documents and do real-time collaboration together on Word and Excel documents  

Microsoft WhiteBoard

  • This is available through YSU 's Microsoft Office license 

Office Lens

  • This software is a way to share handwritten notes with your team. 

LinkedIN Learning

  • This is an open course on-demand website that provides online video training courses taught by experts in the areas of business, creative, and technology.

YSU App Cloud 

  • The majority of software previously used in YSU campus computer labs is now available virtually.


Vendor Documentation - Guides and Video Resources



Office 365
Navigate to the Penguin Portal and select Office 365

  • Email
  • Calendar
  • Word
  • PowerPoint
  • Excel
  • Microsoft Stream
  • Whiteboard
  • Teams

Log into Office 365 via the Penguin Portal

  • Storage
  • Collaboration in online documents
  • Share Files

Adobe Scan
Download from Google Play or the App Store

Mobile application

  • Take a picture of your documents 
  • Convert to PDF
  • Share via email or other application.

Adobe Creative Cloud

  • Adobe Reader
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Acrobat
  • Adobe Premiere
  • Adobe InDesign


Additional Tips for Remote Working  from Microsoft  Teams


If you need technical support please reach out to our Service Desk or call 330-941-1595. We are here to support you.  

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