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Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Information

Follow this guide for instructions and advice on bringing your personal electronic devices on campus and connecting them to the YSU network.

How to Add a Printer to an iMac or MacBook via IP

This article explains basic steps to add an IP printer to an iMac or MacBook.

How to Fix a Paused Printer on a Mac

This article explains a way to clear stuck paused print jobs on Mac computers to bring the printer back online.

How to Install and Set Up a New HP Multifunctional Printer

This article describes the steps for delivery and installation of the current HP multifunctional printers.
HP Color M681z and black and white M631z.

How to use Wireless Printing on YSU Printers on Campus

Guide to using PaperCut Mobility print on various operating systems.

Lab Locations and Installed Software

List of Lab Locations, Computer Counts, Owning Department and Installed Software.