Webex Classroom: Aneal Mohan Kohli Classroom of the Future


What is the Aneal Mohan Kohli Classroom of the Future?


Classrooms of the Future, Webex Meetings, and Webex Teams enables YSU faculty and staff to continue providing students with high impact learning experiences beyond the classroom walls. Webex provides opportunities to connect with researchers and subject matter experts across the world, attend demonstrations or take virtual field trips, and collaborate on group projects in a safe and secure environment from any type of device.

Our Classrooms of the Future were provided by the generous $1.1 million-dollar donation from Dr. Chander Kohli, prominent local neurosurgeon and former chair of the YSU Board of Trustees, and his wife Karen in memory of their late son Aneal Mohan Kohli.

Room Locations

Academic Building Room # Capacity** 
Beeghly Hall 1st Floor Teacher Ed. (Portable Unit)  
Beeghly Hall 2305 25
Bliss Hall 2000 (Portable Unit)  
Bliss Hall Spotlight Theater  
Constantini (Stambaugh East) 200  
Cushwa Hall 3186 20
Cushwa Hall 3357 25
Cushwa Hall 2nd Floor, Conference Room (Portable Unit)  
DeBartolo Hall 561  26
Fok Hall 1st Floor (Portable Unit)  
Meshel Hall 103 25
Meshel Hall 459 12
Meshel Hall 465 4
Moser Hall 2400 18
Moser Hall 3290  
Williamson Hall 1112 35
Williamson Hall 2212 35
Williamson Hall Auditorium (Portable Unit)  
Administrative Building Room #  
Butler Museum of Art    
Coffelt Hall B102 - Conference Room  
Kilcawley Center 2068 - Meeting Room  
Meshel Hall 401 - Training Room  
Meshel Hall 422 - Conference Room  
Sweeney Hall Addition 2000 - Conference Room  
Williamson Hall 3301 - Board Room  
Tod Hall 236 - Conference Room  

In summer 2022 additional Cisco Webex multimedia classes were added using HEERF resources.  Please see list of rooms in the related documents nearby. These additional spaces are not considered "Classrooms of the Future."

 ** Capacity is subject to change based on COVID-19 space considerations.  50% Capacity listed in chart when known.

Request a Classroom of the Future / Webex Room

If you are teaching a class, please contact your department Chair or Administrative Assistant who will assist you in identifying a space for the course modality.

If you are hosting an event, please contact Alumni and Events at 330-941-3119 or use the Request to Schedule an Event Form.

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