Webex Classroom: Webex Classroom Technology User Guide

Using the Webex Classroom Technology - User Guide

View and/or Download the Webex Classroom User Guide.  You will find information about the following topics:

  • Touch Panel Controls & Touch Screen Monitor
  • Meeting and Audio Controls
  • Presenting Using the Instructor Station PC
  • Hybrid Classroom or Remote Presenter
  • Present Wirelessly from Personal Device
  • Present from Personal Device via HDMI Cable
  • Wireless Screen Sharing (for guests presenters without Webex or YSU wi-fi connection)
  • Connect from the Webex Education Connector in Blackboard
  • Use the Touch Screen Monitor to Annotate with Webex (hybrid) or Write with Microsoft Ink (PowerPoint and Word)

Should you encounter any problems while your course is in session, please contact the IT Service Desk Classroom Support Hotline at (330) 941-1596.  All other calls should be to the IT Service Desk at (330) 941-1595.

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