What's Happening in IT?

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Technology Mobilization of Campus Initiative 
  • By Fall, every full-time faculty member will have received a new laptop computer (Dell/Apple; their choosing) 
  • One YSU Laptop (Windows/Apple) supported and refreshed for each full-time faculty/employee member 
    • Grant devices separate, should be fully-funded by grant 
  • Devices older than five years removed from use
Penguin Plug-in Loaner Laptop Program 
  • Laptops will be “free” for First Year students for the first year; $50/semester thereafter 
  • Mobile Hotspots (transitioning from Verizon to T-Mobile); Free AY21-22 
IT Service Desk Moved to Kilcawley Center!
  • The IT Service Desk has relocated from the 4th floor of Maag Library to the 1st floor of Kilcawley Center in the 1055 Office Suite.  It is next to the lounge behind Jamba Juice.   
  • Hours of walk up service are Monday through Friday, from 8:00 am until 5:00 pm and  24 hour phone service.  If you need any assistance please call, 330-941-1595, stop by, or put in a ticket using our technology support portal.
  • Will manage Penguin Plug-In Laptop Loaner Program in new location
  • Plan to open Computer Retail Center (Kiosk ordering for Dell & Apple computers)  
Classrooms with Multimedia Being Upgraded with Enhancements (More Info Here)
  • ITS has nearly completed updating over 200 classrooms 
  • New components include: Webcams, Laser projectors, & Airtame wireless connectivity 
  • One-page summary of technical capabilities in classroom will be created
  • Desktop knowledge base articles via shortcuts will be put on the Instructor Station PC 
  • Contact IT Service Desk for assistance 
  • Training plan rolled out prior to start of fall semester
  • Training sessions will be provided when faculty return in late-August 
  • Presentation to Academic Senate in August (per Chet Cooper request) 
Classroom of the Future 2.0 
  • Working with our primary technology partners (Cisco, Microsoft, Logicalis) to create 5-6 (one per College) Classrooms of the Future 2.0 spaces that take advantage of the latest classroom technologies. 
  • Targeting to have these rooms ready for early-Fall 
  • Rosalyn Donaldson will work with the Teaching and Learning Institute and DEI to conduct training sessions in these rooms. 
  • If we find that a particular technology is well-received by a large portion of our faculty, we will assess using HEERF to outfit more of our teaching spaces by the end of May.
  • Biweekly working sessions between YSU ITS, Cyberlearning and Bb to address any Ultra issues and workarounds 
  • Ultra Roadmap forthcoming 
Wi-Fi Enhancement & NEW YSU Guest Wi-Fi
The wireless network across campus has been fully evaluated, old hardware has been replaced and remediation is underway to add new hardware to improve wireless availability. A guest network (YSU_Guest) has been created to allow guests such as parents  and perspective students visiting campus to have wireless access. Wireless availability has been added to some outdoor areas such as the fountain and select parking lots.

Conversions to Bring Your Own Device Labs

About 50 labs that had been physical computer labs have been converted to bring your own device (byod) setups. Over time as computer labs become outdated, we will be transition most to a similar setup. In addition to replacing desktop with laptops for faculty and staff, we will provide opportunities for students to have access to laptops in an effort to make our campus more versatile and enhance the mobility of technology.

Enhanced Print Management
New Xerox printers have been installed across campus and are centrally managed through the YSU network connection. Wireless printing is now available across campus. Local desktop printers are no longer supported on campus. This means that IT will no longer install, repair or move local printers such as HP OfficeJet and HP Deskjet printers. Most on campus printing need can be met by using a network printer. We strongly encourage all to look for ways to reduce printing and share information through digital means, whenever possible. More information on how to print.

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) creates an additional level of security and protection of your YSU account.  It verifies your identity by requiring multiple methods of verifying it is you logging into your account. For example, a verification code sent to your cell phone by text or an alternate email address. This program has begun to roll out and we would like all those with YSU accounts to enroll in MFA. Click here for more information on how to enroll.
Updated: August 17, 2021