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This document provides instruction on how the access the YSU App Cloud. The YSU App Cloud provides access to the virtual software previously used in the YSU computer labs.
How to fix redirects or stuck at the Office 365 Login loop.
This article explains how to use the Penguin Connect VPN.
This article explains the process to obtain a new Y card.
This article explains how to dial into a Zoom meeting from a Webex equipped room.
This guide will walk you through how to reset an expired/forgotten Penguin Portal password.
You should use the "IT General Request" form to submit the following types of requests: computer-related assistance or information, new equipment, software, or permissions, any change to existing equipment or accounts
This guide will walk you though how to activate a new Penguin Portal account
This procedure shows how to fix a printer that only prints one copy instead of multiple copies.
This article explains how to install and activate the Microsoft Office software onto student and faculty personal computers
List of Lab Locations, Computer Counts, Owning Department and Installed Software.
This article will assist you with how to remotely access your on-campus YSU machine from off campus.
This guide will explain basic features and functions of the Dterm Series NEC telephone system.
Instructions for accessing the RDP portal and connecting to campus lab machines
The article explains general voice mail instructions.
This guide will walk you through how to change a current Penguin Portal account password.
Guide to using PaperCut Mobility print on various operating systems.
This guide will walk you through how to order toner for a YSU-owned printers.
This guide will show you how to request additional print pages.
This article explains how to map a YSU Shared Drive in Windows 7 and 10.
The article explains MATLAB / SOLIDWORKS download instructions for faculty / students' personal machines.
This article provides resources and training on the various tools students will use during the virtual learning environment.