Webex Classroom: Present Wirelessly from a Personal Device


How can you use a wireless connection on your personal device to connect to the Webex Classroom?


Use the wireless connection established between the Webex app and equipment when you are within close proximity to Cisco Webex equipment.  Your device will be recognized when you are in a room with an open Webex desktop or online app. 

  1. Press Projector Power on the Touch Panel, if necessary.
  2. Start the desktop Webex App* on your personal device.*
  3. Click the Meetings tab in the Webex app. (Shown on the far left menu in the circle below).

  1. Click device name displayed in the upper right corner. The image above displays "Connect to a device" where the room name should appear.
  2. Share content using the controls inside the Webex application.


*Download the Webex app by logging in at ysu.webex.com with your YSU email address and password. See the article Download the Webex App for more details.

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