How to Fix a Printer Only Printing One Copy Instead of Multiple Copies


How do I fix a printer that won't print multiple copies?


Mopier mode (a printer setting) is probably enabled on a printer that doesn't have an EIO hard disk installed. If the printer does have an EIO hard disk, it is OK to have this setting turned on. To fix this, perform the following steps in Windows:

Windows 10

  1. Click Settings from the Start Menu.
  2. Click Devices.
  3. Click Printers & scanners from the left menu.
  4. Click on the printer with the issue and click Manage.
  5. Click Printer Properties from the left menu.
  6. Click Device Settings tab.
  7. Scroll down to Mopier Mode and change to Disabled.

Windows 7

  1. Open Control Panel from Start Menu.
  2. Choose Devices and Printers.
  3. Right click the printer and choose Printer Properties.
  4. Click Device Settings tab.
  5. Scroll down to Mopier Mode and change to Disabled
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