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Do you want to view your Blackboard Calendar & personal calendars in one instance? You can manage both school work & personal commitments from one device!
This articles offers instruction on how to insert a video to Blackboard.
This article illustrates how to utilize the course content page in Blackboard.
Blackboard allows students to see all courses that the student is registered for.
Your student profile is your student data including your name, YSU student email address, YSU student ID number, and an optional nickname. You can also find preferred language, privacy, and notification setting controls.
Let’s review the different ways to log into Blackboard.
This article explains how to copy class content into a course on Blackboard.
This article explains how to enable student preview mode in Blackboard.
You can use learning modules in your course as containers for your content.
This article offers a step-by-step guide on how to add course content to Blackboard.
This article provides instruction on how insert external links to Blackboard.
This article offers instruction on how to create an assignment in Blackboard.
Use tests to measure student knowledge, gauge progress, and gather information from students
This article explains how to import test questions in Blackboard Ultra.
This article explains how to add test exceptions in Blackboard Ultra.