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Microsoft Excel is a tool for managing data in spreadsheets and creating graphs and charts.
Article discussing how to navigate to and access Bookings.
This article discusses how to add a logo to your Booking Page.
Article showing how to make a service available for only specified time range.
Article discussing how to correct the time zone issue where Bookings shows appointment times outside of designated business hours.
Article discussing how to re-assign a Booking Appointment to a different staff member.
Microsoft PowerPoint empowers you to create clean slideshow presentations.
Microsoft Stream is a platform where you can upload videos and share them with other faculty, staff, or students.
This article explains how to download hundreds of Microsoft applications for your personal device.
This shows students how they can download OneDrive to Android devices and how to create and use a folder.
This article explains how to install and activate the Microsoft Office software onto student and faculty personal computers
This guide walks you through how to install Microsoft Office on a personal device.