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Blackboard Learn is an application for online teaching, learning, community building, and knowledge sharing. Articles may include Blackboard Learn Original or Ultra Course Views. Ultra Experience articles include instructions for both Ultra and Original. Ultra includes articles specific to Ultra.

Remote Work

Learn more about technology considerations and guidelines for remote work. See the associated articles describing wireless connectivity in your home, telephone services, and Multifactor Authentication (MFA) security protocol.

Faculty Resource Toolkit

The Resource Toolkit has been created by ITL and ACT to support the various course modalities (see sidebar on this page for modalities). These outcomes, organized into 6 groups (Getting Started, Instruction Basics, Instruction Advanced, Engaging Students, Supporting Success, and Connecting Students) have been identified as strategies for ensuring your course, regardless of modality, is providing opportunities for students to learn. If you click an outcome, it will direct you to a page of best-practices, technology guides, and related modalities.

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Pinned Article How to Succeed in an Online Teaching Environment

This article offers advice for succeeding in an online teaching environment.

Pinned Article How to Succeed in an Online Working Environment

This article explains how to succeed in an online working environment.

How do I setup Respondus Lockdown Browser for Chromebook (beta)?

How to enable Respondus Lockdown Browser for Chromebooks (beta) in a Blackboard Original Course.

How to Remotely Access Your YSU PC From Off Campus

This article will assist you with how to remotely access your on-campus YSU machine from off campus.

Network: How to Use the Penguin Connect VPN

This article explains how to use the Penguin Connect VPN.

Tips to increase connectivity during remote sychronous classes or meetings

Tips for maintaining connectivity while working remotely.

Voicemail: How to Use the Phone and Voicemail System (General Instructions)

The article explains general voice mail instructions.

Webex: Set Up a Remote Cisco Webex Meeting

This article explains how to set up a Cisco Webex meeting from off campus.

YSU App Cloud: Accessing the YSU App Cloud

This document provides instruction on how the access the YSU App Cloud. The YSU App Cloud provides access to the virtual software previously used in the YSU computer labs.