Tips to increase connectivity during remote sychronous classes or meetings


How can I increase connectivity during my remote sychronous classes or meetings?


YSU Technology Connection Recommendations


Many have expressed issues with connecting to Webex and Blackboard Collaborate.  While our first instinct is to think the problem lies with the product we are using to connect to our students, faculty and staff, we have to also consider the following pieces:

  • the amount of traffic on our local internet providers, with everyone working remotely, has increased exponentially.
  • K-12 Schools are connecting remotely.
  • the number of devices and applications in the home connecting and using WIFI.

The following practices can help with connection.

  1. During the live class or meeting sessions disconnect all devices from WIFI that are not necessary during that time.
  2. If possible have other members of the family limit gaming, or streaming during the sessions.
  3. Considering starting the class session or meeting after the top of the hour.  In general,  meetings or classes begin at the top of the hour.
  4. Make sure your router is set in an optimal place away from other devices such as your TVs.  
  5. If you have an ethernet port on your computer and an ethernet cord, consider plugging into your router/modem.
  6. Turn off all applications except what is necessary to have during your meeting or class.
  7. Check with your local provider to see if there are any issues causing connection problems.
  8. Have a backup plan using your phone’s mobile hotspot if you do not pay for data.
  9. While 5G is faster, you have to be closer to the router for good connections.  If your desk is farther away in the house from the router, you may have better connection if you switch to the other 2G network within your list


 Cellular networks are designed to handle larger amounts of users, so chances are that your smartphone’s data connection will be faster when your broadband is overwhelmed. Apple and Google offer instructions on their websites on how to turn iPhones and Android phones into hot spots.


Webex Specific Tip for Call Ins

If you call in to the meeting and receive a busy signal, try using one of the additional numbers in the list below to call in.  





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