Learn more about technology considerations and guidelines for remote work. See the associated articles describing wireless connectivity in your home, telephone services, and Multifactor Authentication (MFA) security protocol.

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Pinned Article How to Succeed in an Online Working Environment

This article explains how to succeed in an online working environment.

MFA: Sign-up for Multifactor Authentication (MFA)

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) creates an additional level of security and protection of your YSU account.  It verifies your identity by requiring multiple credentials.  You will be prompted during the sign in process to verify your identity and this is often achieved by entering a code that you receive via text or email.

Network: How to Use the Penguin Connect VPN

This article explains how to use the Penguin Connect VPN.

Network: Understanding Your Home Network Connectivity

Adequate WIFI connectivity and capacity is dependent on the number of concurrent Internet users in your household.  Remote workers are expected to supply adequate and secure network connectivity in their homes at their expense.

OneDrive: Collaborate in One Drive

OneDrive is cloud based storage which enables users to manage data and collaboration on the web.

OneDrive: Upload and save files and folders to One Drive

Upload and save files and folders to OneDrive in your browser, on your desktop or in your productivity software.

Tips to increase connectivity during remote sychronous classes or meetings

Tips for maintaining connectivity while working remotely.

Voicemail: Check Messages from Off Campus

Check your YSU voice mail messages while off campus.