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Account Management

YSU Penguin Portal Accounts, Guest accounts, etc.

Business Applications

Knowledge base articles relating to Business Applications (Banner)

Multimedia Equipment

Multimedia Equipment Help and KB Articles

Network and Telephone Services

Network (wired/wireless), Telephone and Voicemail Services


TeamDynamix Help and KB Articles

Email / Communication

Knowledge base articles relating to YSU email & communication tools

Computers & Printers

Information about Computers and Printers

File Storage

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Information about software on YSU computers

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How to Find Your Cellphone's MAC Address

This article explains how to find your cellphone's media access control (MAC) address if needed.

How to Install and Pair an Active Pen

This article explains how to set up your active pen.

How to Unbind and Rejoin a Mac Computer to the Domain

The article explains how to check if a Mac needs to unbind/rejoin to YSU domain and then how to unbind/rejoin to domain.

IT General Help

You should use the "IT General Help" form if you are experiencing problems with an IT related device (PC, printer, etc) or service (network connectivity, website, etc).  Other issues that should be reported with this form include any device or service that was once working but no longer functions correctly or at all.

How to Submit a Ticket for an IT Request

You should use the "IT General Request" form to submit the following types of requests: computer-related assistance or information, new equipment, software, or permissions, any change to existing equipment or accounts