YSU App Cloud: Accessing the YSU App Cloud


How do I access the YSU App Cloud?


The majority of software previously used in Campus Computer Labs is now available virtually using the YSU App Cloud. 

Follow the steps below to obtain access to the YSU App Cloud at appcloud.ysu.edu or via the other methods listed below.

IMPORTANT: We strongly recommend that the Microsoft Remote Desktop Application is used for best performance of demanding applications. Using the desktop application will allow you to avoid input lag and other visual errors that come with the browser version of our App Cloud.

Again, using the browser version will cause some graphical issues. To avoid these, please use the Microsoft Remote Desktop Application for engineering applications or the experience will be sub-optimal.

Choose an option to learn how to access the YSU App Cloud. 

  1. Connect with a browser
  2. Connect with Remote Desktop App
  3. Connect on with macOS
  4. Connect on iPadOS


Connect with Browser Link

  1. Open an Internet browser to access the YSU App Cloud .

    • Google Chrome

    • Firefox

    • Microsoft Edge 

    • Safari

  1. Enter your YSU email address and click next. 


  2. Enter your YSU Portal password and click sign-in.  

  3. After you sign in, the YSU Windows Virtual Desktop window will appear inside the web browser. Two choices are available:

    • General Apps icon for all students NOT enrolled in engineering courses.

    • An Engineering Apps icon specific for students requiring lab software in Moser Hall.

  4. Select the computer icon of the lab applications you need to access.

  5. On the Access local resources pop-up, ensure that Clipboard and Printer are checked, as well as Don’t ask me again for connections to this computer.  Click Allow. 

  6. Enter your YSU username and password. Click Submit

    • Note: If you receive a message regarding screen resolution, simply acknowledge by clicking OK. 

  7. You will see a familiar environment similar to the YSU computer labs with the software application shortcut available on the desktop and via the Start menu in the lower-left corner of the screen.  (Be sure to use scroll bars if needed on a smaller screen).  

  8. Begin using the software applications.  

  9. Save any of your work to your Microsoft OneDrive account or your personal computer. (Do not save them to the virtual desktop.)

  10. Upon completion of your computer lab session, close out of the environment. 

  11. Click your name in the upper right corner of the screenChoose Sign Out from the drop down.  

** If any extra help is required, click the ellipse (  . . . )  icon on the far right side of the remote desktop title bar. Choose Help from the drop-down menu. Help for the application will load in an Internet browser window.  

If the solution to your problem is not found in the online help, please contact the IT Service Desk.  


Using Remote Desktop Application

Windows Desktop

1. Navigate to Windows Desktop Client.

2. Under Install the client, please install the client that matches your version of Windows.


3. After downloading the desktop client, select the file to start installing Desktop Client.


4. Follow the prompts to successfully install the desktop client


Launch Remote Desktop Client

1. Under Let's get started, select the subscribe button on the left.


2. Sign in to your YSU Account


Remote Desktop Dashboard

1. Using the dashboard, you can open the YSU Virtual Desktop you have access to.

2. When selecting a virtual desktop, select the desktop once and allow the client to load.


3. Enter your YSU credentials.


4. You are now logged into the YSU Windows Virtual Desktop.


5. To log out of the App Cloud, select Logout Session located on the desktop.



1. Navigate to macOS Desktop Client.

2. Select View in Mac App Store.


3. Select Get, Select Install.


4. Enter your Apple ID & password.

Enter AppleID & password to sign in & authorize download


5. Once Microsoft Remote Desktop is finished installing, click Open.

App Store on Macbook showing the completed download of Windows Remote Desktop


6. Click the + icon and select Add Workspace.

mac client remote desktop client. The menu dropdown below the add icon is exposed and "add workspace" is highlighted


7. Enter the following workspace URL: https://rdweb.wvd.microsoft.com/api/arm/feeddiscovery. Click Add.

An Add workspace window has appeared. The workspace URL is entered into the URL field. Add is highlighted


8. Enter your YSU credentials (full email & password).

Pop-up window prompting for YSU credentials


9. Click Download now.

A workspace is available to download. Download now is shown in red letters.


10. Select the desired App Cloud connection. Sign in with your YSU credentials.

available YSU App Clouds are populated after a successful download.


11. To log out, close the window using the x in the topleft corner or double-click the Log off session tile found on the desktop.

Remote Desktop logoff session tile found on the app cloud desktop


Connect with iPadOS

1. Download the Microsoft Remote Desktop Application for free from the App Store as pictured below;



2. Click 'Add Workspace' and enter the following into the prompt:




3. It should return that a workspace is associated with the URL. Click Next.


4.  It will bring you to the screen below. Go ahead and click 'Download now.'



5. It will prompt for YSU credentials. Enter your YSU email address and then your password.



6.  Once logged in, you will now see 'Engineering Apps' and 'General Apps' are available in Workspaces. 



7. Click on either 'General Apps' or 'Engineering Apps' and enter your YSU email address and password on the below prompt:


Once you sign in, you will be logged into the YSU App Cloud on your iPad. We advise that you use a keyboard accessory when using this method to interact with the YSU App Cloud.

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