How to Submit a Ticket for an IT Request


How do I submit a ticket for an IT request?


You should use the IT General Request form to submit the following types of requests:

  • computer-related assistance or information
  • new equipment, software, or permissions
  • any change to existing equipment or accounts

Submitting a Ticket for an IT Request:

  1. Navigate to the Technology Support Portal by clicking HERE.
  2. Click IT General Request from the list of available services.
  3. Click Request Service (typically located on the right side of the page).
  4. Log in with your YSU Login ID and password if prompted.
  5. You will be prompted to complete the following information:
    • Requester: The person requesting assistance. This field will auto complete to the person who is signed in to the site.
    • Department: The department associated with the person requesting assistance. This should only be changed if you have a dual role (e.g. student and student employee for a department).
    • Building: The building where the service is needed.
    • Room: The room where the service is needed.
    • Title: A short description of the request.
    • Description:  Describe, in detail, the nature of your request. Provide as much information as possible to expedite your request, such as the Technology Services (TS) number of the equipment for software installs, FOAP number for services that require a charge-back, username / banner ID numbers for access requests, etc.
    • Attachment: Click Browse to attach any file(s) relevant to the request. This can include spreadsheets, documents, screenshots, etc.
  6. ​​Once you have completed the form, click Request at the bottom of the page

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