Learn more about the phone system and voicemail services.

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Pinned Article How to Setup New Voicemail

Initial voicemail setup instructions.

Pinned Article How to Use the DT730 Phone

Learn about the features of the DT730 IP Phone.

Pinned Article How to Use the NEC Digital Telephone System

This guide will explain basic features and functions of the Dterm Series NEC telephone system.

Pinned Article How to Use the Phone and Voicemail System (General Instructions)

The article explains general voice mail instructions.

How to Conference with Two Callers on an NEC Phone

Conferencing with two callers enable the caller to speak to two individuals simultaneously.

How to Report a Problem or Issue with your Telephone Services or Equipment?

Use the information in this article when reporting an issue with your telephone services or equipment.

How to Report Issues with the Voicemail System

How to report when your voicemail is not working

How to Request Voicemail Changes (Request New/Reset/Remove)

This guide will assist with requests to Voicemail Changes

How to set Call Forwarding on your YSU Phone

This article provides instructions on how to set Call forwarding on your YSU Phone.

Voicemail: Check Messages from Off Campus

Check your YSU voice mail messages while off campus.