Resources for students. Please also see the Teaching and Learning Category for additional information.

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Blackboard for Students

Blackboard Learn is an application for online learning, community building, and knowledge sharing.


Troubleshooting and informative articles for Bring your own Device (BYOD), software installations, and personal device management.

Exam Proctoring Resources

Online proctoring resources including Examity & Respondus.

Lab Hosted Software

Lab hosted software, YSU App Cloud, Azure, Lab Find App, and Remote Desktop Resources

Things Every Student Should Know

Resources for new and continuing students. Start with First Things First.

Articles (6)

Pinned Article Webpage Links for Students

Commonly used webpage links for Student Resources at YSU.

Digital Study Aids: Create flashcards using these online resources

Flashcards help students engage in active recall or a process wherein students actively engage in learning by stimulating our memories and creating lasting connections to the material.

Online Learning: How to Succeed in an Online Learning Environment

This article provides resources and training on the various tools students will use during the virtual learning environment.

Tips to increase connectivity during remote sychronous classes or meetings

Tips for maintaining connectivity while working remotely.

What can students use for video presentations?

This article explains how a student can use 2 online sources to record a presentation from a computer. Those who have no knowledge of resources can view this article for step by step instructions and tutorials on how to use the 2 applications in this article.

Writing Resources (APA, MLA, and Chicago)

This article lists various writing resources available to better aid in writing projects.