What can students use for video presentations?


What media can I use to record presentations?


A student can use the following technologies for video recording,


Microsoft Stream.

How to use Vidcast

1. Click Vidcast or type in the Google search bar 'Vidcast.io'

2. Once their press the login button in the top right corner.

Press the login button in the top right hand corner.

3. You'll be brought up to another page with 'Sign in' in the center Press 'continue with Webex'. 

Click continue with Webex

4. Once here, enter your YSU email address.

Enter your YSU email into the text box.

5. Once you get done entering your YSU email, you'll be brought to Vidcast's homepage. It will say your first and last name once login in. From there click in the right top hand corner 'New Video'.

This is Vidcast's home page. From there you can click 'New Video' on the right hand corner.

On the left of the homepage you will see a list of menu options such as

  • Home- Homepage
  • Teams- add group members 
  • Library- where you find recent made videos.
  • Playlists- create personal play lists
  • Insights- where you can check your views on previous videos you uploaded. 

Teams is for you can make a team/group with members of your group. To do so you can enter your group's name in 'Teams name' and add your members by using their name or YSU email account.

In the teams menu, enter your groups team name in the first tab and in the second tab add the your group members by adding their YSU emails.

6. To start a video, press on the 'New Video' button found in the right hand corner next to your profile picture.

Click on New video to start a presentation.

Another window will pop up with the following message: Vidcast wants to use your microphone and camera.

Press 'Allow access' button.

7.  After that another window will pop up looking like the picture down below.

A list of buttons such as microphone, face cam, share screen, and virtual background.

Once here you will have a list of options such as:

  • Microphone switch on/off - able to talk or mute yourself
  • Camera switch on/off - able to show your face camera or turn off.
  • Share screen on/off - if choose to screen share a window will pop up asking which screen to share such as Chrome Tabs, Window, and Entire Screen.
  • Virtual Background-you will be given options to choose which green screen will potray your background during recording. (Virtual background is not supported to some devices).

When clicking Screen record, you will have a list of options of what tab or screen you are able to screen record.

Once done press 'Start Recording' to start recording your presentation.  

How to use Microsoft Stream.

1. Go to Microsoft Stream or type in the Google search bar 'Microsoft Stream' and click the first link.

2. Once there press the 'Sign in' button locate in the right hand corner or click the sign in button on the left side near the center of the screen.

Once here, click on the sign in button on the right hand corner or the button on the left side near the center.

Once pressed, another window will pop up asking for your Microsoft account. Enter your YSU email.

3. Once you enter your email you will end here in the streaming section.

The red circle currently shows where to find our current position in this application as well as of other Microsoft applications.

This is Microsoft Stream homepage.

 Here you can see four options available from you to choose from. 

  • Upload- to upload a file from your computer files.
  • Screen Recording- To share your screen/windows/tab bars.
  • Camera Recording-To turn on your computer's front camera. (Note if your computer doesn't have a camera built in, it will not support your device.)
  • Playlist- To create a list of videos.

Note: when using this software you will only have a 15 minute time limit when recording. 

To use Screen Recording click on the 2nd box on the screen below.

  Click on the red box around screen recording to open it.

When open it should look like this. 

This what your screen will look like when using screen recording. Your camera will have you on the bottom left corner.

You have an option to use to turn your camera on/off if your computer has a built in camera. The camera would be in the left bottom corner.

Once here click on the center button that says 'Start Screen Recording' to screen record. 


To Camera Record press the third 3rd box in the picture below.

Click on the red box around camera recording to open it.

This will open up your camera and will take majority of the screen. Down below would show how the screen will look but with you in the picture and your background.

This what your camera will look like when using camera recording.

Once ready to record press the center button in the middle as seen below.

The circled button down below shows how to start recording.

Once again you will only have 15 minutes to record your presentations. 


More Information.

  • To use the camera option for both applications, your computer must have a built in camera or an external camera that is connect to your usb port. Same rules applies for a microphone. 
  • Must be connected to a wifi source. 
  • Any more questions ask the IT service desk for more information and other available services.
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