Printers, Scanners, Copiers, & Multi-function Devices (MFDs)

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How do I obtain a new YSU ID Card?

This article explains the process to obtain a new Y card.

Print Pages: How to Request Additional Print Pages

This guide will show you how to request additional print pages.

Printers: Request Toner for YSU-Owned Printers (Non-Xerox)

This guide will walk you through how to order toner for a YSU-owned printers which are not Xerox printers.

Printers: Student Printer Locations

Locations where student printers are found

Printers: Student Printing FAQs

This article answers questions that students have regarding their print services and guidelines on campus.

Printers: Use Wireless Printing on YSU Printers on Campus

Guide to using PaperCut Mobility print on various operating systems.

Printers: Using Xerox Printer Apps

Learn to use a variety of function on the Xerox printer: Fax, Scan, Copy, Release Print Jobs.

How to Fix a Printer Only Printing One Copy Instead of Multiple Copies

This procedure shows how to fix a printer that only prints one copy instead of multiple copies.