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How do I use the Apps that are on the new Xerox printer/scanner/copier screen?


The new Xerox printer from Comdoc comes with a touch screen.To bring the apps on the screen, swipe the authentication card (Y card) or touch the Keyboard log in button to log in.

Once you're logged in you will see a screen as shown in the picture below.  Additional apps are available when scrolling through the menu.










See information for:


How to make copies?


  • Place the paper as instructed in the picture.
  • Touch the Copy icon on the screen. 
  • Select the number copies.
  • A lot of other options can be found in the featue settings list. 
  • Select the desired option from the menu or leave it as default to produce a normal copy.
  • Touch Start to begin the copy.


How to send Fax?




  • Load the document into the Xerox machine. 
  • For a single, document glass can be used.
  • For multiple, single, or 2-sided pages, use the duplex automatic document feeder. 
  • Touch the fax button on the screen.
  • Enter the recipient's number. 
  • To make changes to the document, scroll down to see a list of feature and select the required options.                                                  
  • Touch send to fax the document.

How to Scan?

 Touch the paper cut logo on the main screen to display Print release, Access device and Scan options. 







  • Touch the scan icon on the screen.
  • The screen will then prompt us to select between Send to email and Send to one drive.
  • Provide file name and the subject (subject only required for email).
  • Touch the change setting tab to select the desired option. (Portrait/ landscape , two-side scan, ...)
  • Touch start button to begin the scan.
  • Check your One Drive / ysu Email to get the scanned copy of the document.

*Note: Use duplex automatic document feeder to scan double sided documents.

How to Print?

  • Send print tasks to the printer from a YSU computer or your personal computer connected to YSU network (ysuwireless/ YSU Wifi).
    • Select Employee_FindME from the printer drop down select options. (For Employees)
    • Select Student_FindME from the printer drop down select options. (For Students)
  • Once the tasks are sent to the printer, go to the correct printer (For Employees/ For Students) and swipe your Ycard or touch the Keyboard log in button to log in.
  • Once logged in, a screen will pop up displaying all the print jobs. Go ahead and select the jobs you would like to print.
  • Another way to find the print jobs:
    • Touch the paper cut icon on the home screen.
    • Select Print release option from PaperCut menu.

The print jobs will be shown as in the above picture. To release the jobs, select the box to the left of the job and then select the "Print" button in the bottom right corner.

*Note: Please make sure to select the correct print queue "Employee_FindMe" or "Student_FindMe". 

If wrong printer is selected, no print jobs will show up in the specific print release queue.

How to check 'available number of prints'?

  • Log into the Multifunctional Xerox machine.
  • Chose Select account option.
  • The remaining number of prints will be displayed on the screen.












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