Printers: Request Toner for YSU-Owned Printers (Non-Xerox)


How do I request toner for YSU-owned printers?


Follow the instructions detailed below:

  1. Navigate to the Technology Support Portal by clicking HERE.
  2. Click Printer: Request Toner from the list of available services.
  3. Click Request Service (typically located on the right side of the page).
  4. Sign in with your YSU Login ID and password if prompted.
  5. You will be prompted to complete the following information:
    • Requester: Enter the name of the person requesting assistance.  This field will auto-complete to the person who is signed in to the site.
    • Department: Enter the department associated with the person requesting assistance.  This should only be changed if you have a dual role (e.g. student and student employee for a department).
    • Printer Location (Building): Enter the building where the printer is located.
    • Printer Location (Room): Enter the room where the printer is located.
    • Technology Services (TS) Tag number: Enter the Technology Services (TS) Tag Number affixed to the printer (green & white sticker).
    • Printer Make: Enter the printer manufacturer.
    • Printer Model: Enter the model number.
    • Financial Manager Name: Provide the name of the financial manager responsible for any necessary charges to the department.
    • FOAP-Fund: Enter the Fund number.
    • FOAP-Orgn: Enter the Organization Code.
    • FOAP-Acct: Enter the Account Category.
    • FOAP-Prog: Enter the Program Code.
    • Additional Information: Enter any additional information relevant to the request (e.g. toner cartridge number, etc).
    • Attachment: Click Browse to attach any file(s) relevant to the request. This can include spreadsheets, documents, screen shots, etc.
  6. ​​Once you have completed the form, click Request at the bottom of the page.
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