Blackboard Learn is an application for online learning, community building, and knowledge sharing.

Articles (13)

Blackboard: Accessing Blackboard

Let’s review the different ways to log into Blackboard.

Blackboard: Blackboard Ultra and Learn (Original) Interface Differences

Article that shows the differences between the interface of Blackboard Learn (Original) and Blackboard Ultra.

Blackboard: Connecting OneDrive Account to Blackboard

Using your YSU OneDrive to turn in assignments in Blackboard.

Blackboard: Finding Content in Blackboard

Navigating to content in your Blackboard courses.

Blackboard: Submitting assignments in Blackboard

How to submit assignments in Blackboard.

Blackboard: Technical Recommendations for Students

Technical recommendations regarding computer, device, and connection to optimize your Blackboard experience.

Blackboard: Using Webex's Education Connector - Students

Learn how to join a meeting, schedule office hours appointments, and access meeting recordings using Webex's Education Connector tool in Blackboard.

Blackboard: Activity Stream

Activity Stream is your tailored educational newsfeed that helps you stay in the know regarding your coursework, grades, and instructor notes!

Blackboard: Calendar

Do you want to view your Blackboard Calendar & personal calendars in one instance? You can manage both school work & personal commitments from one device!

Blackboard: Checking Grades

Keeping up with your grades throughout the term will allow students to remain in-the-know regarding performance in each course. Students can check their grades in a specific course, or have a holistic view of their academic performance in all current courses.

Blackboard: Discussion Boards

Discussion Boards allow students to share their ideas and input with classmates & instructors & help to foster open, interactive dialogue and conversations. With the use of Discussion Boards, students can collaborate, ask questions, and provide feedback.

Blackboard: Student Profile

Your student profile is your student data including your name, YSU student email address, YSU student ID number, and an optional nickname. You can also find preferred language, privacy, and notification setting controls.

Blackboard: Viewing Current Courses

Blackboard allows students to see all courses that the student is registered for.