Webex is an enterprise solution for video conferencing, online meetings, screen share, and webinars. YSU also uses Cisco Webex multimedia classrooms. Vidcast is a new resource to create short videos.

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Using the Webex Classroom

YSU offers over 100 multimedia classrooms which are equipped with Cisco Webex Technology. Learn about these innovative teaching spaces.

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Pinned Article Webex: Join a Webex Meeting by Phone Audio Only

This article provides directions on how to join a Webex meeting by audio only.

Pinned Article Webex: Use the Desktop App to Host, Join, and Schedule Meetings

The Webex desktop app provides quick and easy links to Start a meeting, Join a meeting or Schedule a meeting.

Blackboard: Using Webex's Education Connector - Students

Learn how to join a meeting, schedule office hours appointments, and access meeting recordings using Webex's Education Connector tool in Blackboard.

Slido: How to Obtain and Use Slido to Engage Audiences

Engage your students or meeting participants with live polls, Q&A, quizzes and word clouds — whether you meet in the classroom, online or in a hybrid model.

Webex Annotations

Describes how to use the annotation feature while sharing content in Webex.

Webex Education Connector: Configuring Education Connector

Configure Webex's Education Connector in Blackboard to configure virtual meetings for your course!

Webex Education Connector: Start a Meeting

Start your virtual meeting for your Blackboard course using the Webex Education Connector tool.

Webex Meetings: Breakout Sessions

Learn how to enable and create breakout sessions in Webex Meetings.

Webex Teams: How to Use the Webex Teams Software

This article is a quick reference for the Cisco Webex Teams software.

Webex: Add Webex to Your Blackboard Courses

How to add Webex as a tool in your Blackboard Course

Webex: Best Practice for Securely Distributing Video

Webex provides options to control access and to limit the ability to download recorded sessions.

Webex: Change Webex Personal Room Names and Links

This article explains how to change the display name for your personal room and personal room link.

Webex: Download Recordings

Download your Webex recordings to your personal device and/or upload to a video platform.

Webex: Set Up a Cisco Webex Meeting and Connect with a Cisco Webex Device

This article explains how to create a Webex meeting, along with how to join that meeting from our Cisco Webex devices. This article also explains how to join a meeting that you did not create, along with what types of meeting you are able to join.

Webex: Set Up a Remote Cisco Webex Meeting

This article explains how to set up a Cisco Webex meeting from off campus.

Webex: Share Recordings

Learn how to share Webex recordings with other users.

Webex: Teams and Meetings

Learn how to use WebEx Teams and Meetings by downloading the attached instruction guides.

Webex: Use Live Closed Captioning

This article explains how to turn live closed captioning on and off using the Webex Assistant.

Webex: Using Padcaster with iPad for Demonstrations

A Padcaster is a wheeled tripod enabling users to connect their iPad as a mobile camera.  Use a Padcaster for detailed and close images obtained by using the iPad camera capability with Webex Meetings.

Vidcast: Import a recorded Webex Meeting

This article discusses importing Webex Meetings recorded on your Webex account to your Vidcast Library.

Vidcast: Importing Videos to Your Library

Did you know you can upload videos to your Vidcast Library? You can import videos created using another application such as Camtasia or even videos that you've created on a mobile device.

Vidcast: Obtaining a Video Transcript

This article dicusses obtaining the transcript for your Vidcast videos.

Vidcast: Access & Navigation

Webex offers a tool for managing your recordings. Learn how to access and navigate Vidcast.

Vidcast: How do I change the playback speed of my video?

When recording a video in Vidcast, the default playback setting is 1.2x. This article discusses changing to 1.0 for traditional playback speed.