Microsoft Teams: Creating a Channel within a Team


How do I create more channels in a team?


Channels can serve as functional units within a team and represent a stream of collaboration, conversation, and specific processes. Channels can be correlated with departmental units. By default, all teams generate with a general channel. Too add more channels, follow the steps below:

  1. Click the 3 dots next to the team title and click Add Channel.
    Image showing where to navigate to find the add channel button.
  2. Specify the Channel Parameters:

    Channel Name: The title of the channel. This could be a departmental unit.
    Description: Give an optional description of the channel.
    Privacy: Specify which team members have access to this channel. In some cases, you may need to lock it down to those in the unit. You can also check the box to automatically show the channel in each members channel list.

    Click Add to create the channel.
    Image showing how to create and modify the channel parameters.
  3. The Channel will now appear on the team’s list of channels.
    Image showing newly created channel

    Content contributed to this channel will be accessible to members of the channel. If membership was given to the entire team, everyone will have access.

    Video companion:

    Microsoft Teams: Creating a Channel for a Departmental Unit
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