Microsoft Teams: Internet Connection Considerations


Microsoft Teams allows me to remain productive even when working outside my office. What should I consider with regards to Internet connectivity when working away from my office?


Microsoft Teams fosters virtual office environment. You can connect to channel file repositories, work on documents, host or attend meetings, and utilize a wide variety of productivity applications. While working from your office on campus, your experience is optimized when using the YSU network. However, in order to replicate this experience when working off campus, you need to ensure optimum Internet connectivity. Here are some tips:

  1. If you plan on working from home, a fixed-line broadband connection is recommended. Cable or fiber would be the most recommended options. Visit to find providers in your area. Mobile hotspots and 5g home Internet service are also available. If you are working using a mobile connection, work with your provider to ensure the best possible connection for your location. 
  2. Your service provider will most likely provide you with a gateway for access. If possible, plug directly into the gateway with an Ethernet cord. If this is not possible, sit as close to the gateway as possible for the strongest Wi-Fi signal. 
  3. Devices connected to your home network may effect performance. For example, if you are working from home because your kids are off school, they may be connected to your network with a game system. You will need to make sure your connection has enough available bandwidth to support all devices. Contact your service provider for more information.
  4. Many YSU faculty and staff members travel at times to conferences or you may need to check in when on vacation. Wherever your travels take you, check with your lodging provider regarding connecting to available networks or consider a mobile hotspot. 
  5. Microsoft offers an extensive breakdown of connection requirements and considerations when using Microsoft Teams, including bandwidth requirements for major functions. Visit Microsoft's Network Optimization page for more information. 

For more information on optimizing your connection, please contact IT Training Services

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