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Pinned Article Accessibility: Use Check Accessibility in Microsoft 365

Accessibility Checker in Microsoft alerts you of possible issues with digital accessibility in document, spreadsheet or presentation. Documents, presentations and websites must be accessible before publishing on the web or learning management system.

Pinned Article Accessibility: Word and PowerPoint Accessibility Evaluation Checklist

Please use the WebAIM Word and PowerPoint Accessibility Evaluation Checklist to guide development and remediation of online material. Documents and presentations must be made accessible before appearing on the web or learning management system.

Accessibility: Make a Scanned PDF Accessible

Scanned PDFs should be made accessible when distributing them on the web and learning management system.

Accessibility: Ally for Blackboard

Ally for Blackboard reports a rating of accessibility for content loaded into a Blackboard course shell.

Accessibility: Five Tips to Design With Accessibility in Mind

Digital Accessibility is the process of making documents, websites and software available usable by anyone, including persons with diverse abilities. Consider these five tips to designing digitally accessible content.

Accessibility: How to Create an Accessible Digital Form

This article explains how to create a fillable digital form that is accessible.

Accessibility: How to Make a PowerPoint Presentation Accessible

This article explains how to make a PowerPoint that conforms to Section 508 standards to be more accessible to those with disabilities.

Use a Screen Reader in Microsoft Word

Screen reader options available for use in Microsoft Word

Accessibility: Obtain Digital Accessibility Information and Assistance

Register for a workshop, watch a video, request a consultation, or read an article to understand more about creating online content.