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What computers are recommended for students to purchase?


Configuration depends on intended use. For basic word processing, Blackboard, internet use and email, a minimum configuration would be adequate. If the incoming student is enrolled in Graphics/STEM, a preferred or high-end configuration is recommended.

Microsoft Windows Systems:

  • Minimum Configuration - Intel Core i5 Processor; 8GB RAM; Onboard or Integrated Video Card; 250GB SSD.

  • Preferred Configuration - Intel Core i7 Processor; 16GB RAM; Dedicated AMD/nVidia 8 GB RAM Video Card; 512GB SSD.

  • High End Configuration - Intel Core i7/i9 Processor; 32GB RAM; Dedicated AMD/nVidia 12-16 GB RAM Video Card; 1TB SSD.


  • Minimum Configuration - Apple Silicon M3 Chip Processor; 8GB RAM; 256GB SSD.

  • Preferred Configuration - Apple Silicon M3 Chip Processor; 16GB RAM;  512GB SSD.

  • High End Configuration - Apple Silicon M3 Chip Processor; 24GB RAM; 1TB SSD.

Brands We Recommend: Apple, Asus, Dell, and Lenovo.

Not Recommended: Chromebooks, tablets (iOS & Android) or devices running Windows RT or 10 S.

*Note*  Students can also borrow a device using the Penguin Plugin loaner request service. Students have a choice between MacBook Pros and Dell 2-n-1s and iPads.  Devices are free for their first two semesters and then $50.00/ each semester after.

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