Popular Services

Request or modify an existing IT Service.

Request toner for YSU printers

This Banner Service Request is used to obtain access to HR/Payroll, Student, Financial Aid, and Alumni and Events modules, forms or data within Banner Application Navigator, Web Focus and Self-Service. Those making a request must have a business need to obtain access based on your assigned job duties. Employees or administrative supervisors (on behalf of their employees) should submit this request to add, remove or change access to Banner systems.

Report something is broken or not functioning as it should.

Report Request, Report Modification, Report Caster Set-up/Modification or Create Data File/Metadata

This is a request to purchase a new computer.

Request a guest account for consultants, contractors, guest speakers, or students visiting from other universities.

Report an Issue/Problem in our Banner System, 3rd Party Software integrated with Banner and custom applications

Request a Change in our Banner System, 3rd Party Software integrated with Banner and custom applications Previously known as CSR

Remote Support from IT Staff through Bomgar.

Request Software Installation

Activate an existing network port – typically used for move of office equipment/personnel

Request multiple short-term guest accounts for campus visitors.

Get assistance activating a new YSU Penguin Portal account here.

Report an Issue/Problem with your voicemail

This service requests the repair of existing CCTV Camera(s).

Expired Password, Unable to Login, Job Not Running, Coding/Programming Issues, ODS/Data Issues or Report an Issue/Problem with WebFOCUS

Assistance changing a non-expired YSU Penguin Portal account password.

Request for information from IT. Ask a question, for general assistance or for a consultation.

Use this service to request an AT&T coupon code for guests that need access to the internet from a personal device while on campus.

Report an issue with YMES (YSU Mass Email System)

Duplicate/Non-Duplicate PIDM processing

Report an issue with Office 365 Email & Calendar and/or Outlook Email

Voicemail Service Requests

Report a Software Issue