Request YSU Penguin Plugin Loaner Equipment

IT Customer Services offers a variety of devices for loan to YSU Students, Faculty, and Staff based on expressed needs and availability. We currently offer laptops,  iPads and web cameras. This selection is subject to change based on demand.  For Fall 23 - Spring 24, *New incoming students will be able to borrow a device for free for two semesters.  Students who are Pell Grant eligible will be given first priority to borrow a device.  Penguin Plugin Laptops for students will not be available for pick up until August 23, 2022 beginning at 9:00 am.  You must schedule an appointment. To request a loaner device, click the Request Service button to the right of this article.

*Students who are part of the CCP or Youngstown Early College programs need to contact Sharon Schroeder at for more information.  A different reservation process has been put into place for borrowing YSU Loaner devices.

Current Students and Part-time faculty will be assessed a service fee of $50 per semester for loaner equipment.  This non-refundable service fee is payable online at the IT Loaner Equipment Marketplace by credit card or electronic check. When paying with cash or paper check visit the YSU Bursar located on the 2nd floor of Meshel Hall during their regular business hours. 

Devices will not be distributed without a receipt of payment and YSU identification. 

Items are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Devices Available

  • Dell Latitude 5310, Windows 10 with webcam, carrying case 
  • Dell 2-n-1 Laptop with stylus and carrying case
  • iPad 7th Generation, pencil, protective case
  • Lenovo Think Pad, Windows 10 with webcam, carrying case
  • 13" MacBook Pro with touchbar and hard case.
  • Webcam
  • External DVD Player - Available to Faculty and Staff only.


Duration of Loan 

Items may be borrowed for one day up to the end of the semester in which the item was borrowed depending on availability.  Items lost, stolen, damaged or not returned by the designated time may result in fees and replacement cost added to your YSU Account.  Please read the terms of the loan program prior to borrowing any device.

Terms of the Loan

The University expects that all borrowers exercise care when handling University devices.  Please read the Loan Agreement article to understand your responsibility to care for the device while in your possession.  All devices remain the property of Youngstown State University and must be surrendered upon request or at the end of the duration of the loan.   For Fall 2022 and Spring 2023 current students and part-time faculty will need to pay the $50 service fee per semester for loaner equipment.  This non-refundable service fee is payable online by credit card or electronic check or by visiting the YSU Bursar located in Meshel Hall during their regular business hours. When you submit the request to borrow a device, you will be presented a link to complete the loan agreement form.

  • Full-time Faculty and Staff Device Loan Agreement
  • New Incoming Student Device Loan Agreement for Fall 2021
  • Current Student and Part-time Faculty Device Loan Agreement

Request a Device

Please complete a Request YSU Loaner Equipment service request.  You must be a YSU student or employee to use this service.  You will be required to sign into the Client Portal using your YSU Username and Password.  If you do not have these credentials, you are ineligible to borrow equipment from YSU.

After completing the Request YSU Loaner Equipment service request you will receive a link to review and confirm the Loan Agreement.  After the Loan Agreement is signed electronically, you will be presented an option to make an appointment and pay the IT Equipment Service Fee to pick up the requested devices.  Devices cannot be picked up until August 23 beginning at 9:00 and you must have an appointment.  Please also do not book your appointment right before a class.  It will take approximately 20-30 minutes to set the device up with you.

Return a Device

Please complete a Return YSU Loaner Equipment service request to return a loaner device.  As previously stated, a device may be borrowed for one day up to the end of the semester depending on availability. After you complete the Return YSU Loaner Equipment service request, you will be presented an option to make an appointment to return the borrowed device.

Renew a Device

All devices are due back at the end of each semester.  If you would like to renew for a second semester, please complete the Renew a Loaner Device Form.  All devices must be returned after two semesters in order to clean and update the device.  Another device may be borrowed at that time if necessary for attending classes.

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