Report a Software Issue

Who can use it?

Faculty and Staff. Students can have a request submitted through an appropriate Faculty or Staff contact.

What is it?

This service allows you to report a software issue on YSU owned computers. There are exceptions for personal devices which have YSU owned software installed.

Where to get it?

To make the request, click the  Request Service button on this page.

How to use it?

In order to expedite troubleshooting the issue, please provide the following information in the request:

  • YSU Technology Services tag number
  • Location (Building and Room Number) of computer
  • Software which is having the issue (include version, if available)
  • Any steps which can be performed to recreate the issue
  • Any error messages or dialog assoicated with the issue
  • Software you were using or tasks you were doing when the issue occured

A Service Desk technician will review the request and contact you with any additional questions. They may also try and resolve the issue with you if possible. 

If the Service Desk technician is unable to resolve the issue, the ticket will be forwarded to the appropriate IT group to further assist with the issue. 

A faster turn around time can be expected if the computer is turned on and connected to the YSU wired network.

How much does it cost?

No cost associated with software troubleshooting from YSU IT. There may be additional costs if 3rd party support is needed and there is no valid maintenance contract. All 3rd party support which has additional cost must be approved by the department financial manager before engaging. 

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