Return YSU Loaner Equipment

Equipment borrowed from YSU must be returned upon request or by the end of the semester in which the device was borrowed.    Please complete the service request to begin the process of returning the borrowed device. Click the Request Service button to begin.

Due to COVID-19, all returns are by appointment only. 

Please see our recommendations for how to sanitize or disinfect your computer prior to returning it to IT Customer Services. A sanitation station is available where you drop off your equipment.

Return a Device

A device may be borrowed for one day up to the end of the semester depending on availability. After completing the Return YSU Loaner Equipment service request, you will receive a message by email to schedule an appointment to return the borrowed device.  An appointment is necessary to ensure social distance and fewer delays at drop-off.  Do not return a device without first booking an appointment. 

The location to return the equipment along with the time will be confirmed in an email immediately after the appointment is made through the Bookings system.

Please complete a Return YSU Loaner Equipment service request to return a loaner device by clicking Request Service.  Click the Request Service button to begin.



Request Service


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Mon 6/1/20 7:45 PM
Mon 2/21/22 3:37 PM