Webex Teams: How to Use the Webex Teams Software


How do I use the Cisco Webex Teams Software?


If you prefer video tutorials, visit Cisco's webpage with tutorials on how to use the software.

Before getting started:

The main page:

  • This is the main page when you launch the software.
  • The icons on the left are for Home, Teams, Calls, and Calendars.

Main Page when logging into Cisco Webex Teams

To contact a person/group of people:

  • Click the plus button next to the search bar at the top center of your screen.

  • Click Contact a Person and type in their email address to start a chat with that person.

  • Click Create a Space to create a chat room for multiple people. Name the space, and then type in the email addresses of everyone you want to be in that chat room.

To call a person/group of people:

  • To make a call to a person or group of people, click their username or space name in the list of your messages.

  • From there, click the menu button at the top right of the screen.

  • A menu will pop up with multiple options. Choose Call from this menu. This will let you call everyone in that chat space.

Cisco Meeting Options Menu

  • You will see a menu with options to start your meeting and a green button that says Start with Video. By clicking this you can start the video with your webcam on your laptop.

  • If you are in a room with a Cisco device, you should choose that device so you can use the big screens and the camera in the room.

To connect to a device:

  • When you bring your laptop into a room with a Cisco Webex Teams unit, you will be able to connect wirelessly to that device.

  • In bottom left of the screen you should see the Connect to a device button.

  • Your laptop might connect automatically to the device in the room. If it does, you will see the room device name in blue instead of the Connect to a device option.

  • If it doesn’t connect automatically, make sure you are connected to ysuwireless. Click Connect to a device, and then type in the device name. You will see it on the top left of the touch panel or television in the room.

  • If both devices are at a black screen, just touch anywhere on the screen of the touch panel to wake it up.

To share your screen:

  • To share your screen or an application open on your computer, click on the device name at the bottom left of the software (where Connect to a device was).

  • A drop-down menu will appear with options to share to the TV. You can choose to share your entire screen or just a single application on your computer.

Refer to additional YSU documentation:

  • File: Webex Teams.pdf, at the right of this screen. 


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