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Outlook: Mail Client Configuration Guide for iPhone/iPad (iOS 11+)

or later) to access the Office 365 Email system.  Instructions: Tap Settings.   Tap Mail.   Tap Accounts. Tap Add Account and select

Online Learning: How to Succeed in an Online Learning Environment

class. Blackboard is our primary Learning Management System but faculty may also be using tools such as Blackboard Collaborate, Webex Meetings and Teams, Microsoft Stream, OneDrive, and more. If you

YSU Network Access: Assess and Connect to the YSU_NonStandard Network

This service provides students, faculty, staff, vendors or other YSU community members the ability to request a device be connected to the YSU NonStandard Network.  ONE DEVICE PER TICKET - EACH DEVICE REQUIRES ITS OWN FORM ... are devices that cannot connect to an enterprise network or do not have an Ethernet port such as a Nintendo Switch or a Roku Streaming devices.  This service provides students, faculty, staff, vendors

MATLAB: How to Install MATLAB

total-academic-headcount ... Question How do I install and activate a Total Academic Headcount Student License to download MATLAB on a personal computer? Answer This guide for both administrators and students describes

How to Succeed in an Online Teaching Environment

students to succeed during this time while gaining the learning they need from your course. The Academic Continuity website is meant to help you create a practical approach to delivering your content

Blackboard: Course Retention Standards

committees for feedback.  Academic Senate Technology Committee: Committee consisting of faculty, staff and students that reports technology initiatives back to the Academic Senate. Blackboard

* ITS Learning Technology Game Plan

Information Services Learning Technology Game Plan The coronavirus pandemic is impacting everyone, including our campus family of students, faculty, and staff. Information Technology Services

Google Risk Mitigation: Managing Technology Usage in Compliance with University Policies

mandate public records requests for University records and communications. Use of technology outside of YSU's managed systems, such as personal Gmail or Google Drive accounts, poses significant risks of

Account: Activate a New Penguin Portal Account

Question How do I activate a student, faculty, or staff Penguin Portal account for the first time? Answer Follow the steps below to activate a Penguin Portal account: Navigate to the

Data Management: Options for Data Storage

available to YSU faculty and staff in the Office 365 suite of products.  A Team may be created by a faculty for academic purposes to use with students. An authorized campus group advisor may create a Team

Windows Updates on YSU Owned Computers: FAQ

computers.    Q: Why do we install Windows Updates? A: Windows Updates are installed largely for 3 reasons: Security, Resolve Operating System Issues, and Access to New Features

Archived IT News Updates

  Training rolled out prior to start of fall semester Training sessions provided when faculty returned in late-August  Presented to Academic Senate  Blackboard  Biweekly working sessions

New Employee Guide

.   Windows 10 A majority of the YSU owned computers run the Windows 10 operating system. If you are new to Windows then may want to view the WIndows Update FAQ. Furthermore, you can also view

Blackboard: myBusinessCourse

learning courses, test preparation materials, corporate training courses, career assessment tools, materials for specific academic disciplines, and custom solutions. Q. What courses can integrate with

Guest: Request Multiple Short-Term Guest Accounts

Short-Term Guest Account Service Request. For example, a faculty member is hosting a learning session at YSU in a YSU computer lab for two (2) days and participants need to log onto a computer