Windows Updates on YSU Owned Computers: FAQ


How are Windows Updates generally applied to YSU owned computers?


Refer to the following questions and answers regarding Windows Updates and their behavior on YSU owned computers. 


Q: Why do we install Windows Updates?
A: Windows Updates are installed largely for 3 reasons: Security, Resolve Operating System Issues, and Access to New Features. 

  • Security: More than ever we are faced with the threat of software vulnerabilities. Installing Windows Updates fixes these holes in the operating system. By patching the fundamental framework and supporting services in Windows, identified outside threats will have a harder time exploiting the Windows operating system. These patches come in the form of Critical Updates and are pushed out to computers based on reactions to identified vulnerabilities in Windows. 
  • Resolve Issues: Windows operating system is not perfect and is constantly being improved by Microsoft. Identified issues are patched through quality updates monthly. These updates are designed to resolve non-critical issues and improve user experience. 
  • New Features: Microsoft has modified their approach to updates in Windows 10 by releasing yearly or bi-yearly Feature Updates. These larger updates include new features, services and applications meant to improve the overall user experience. Some of these features include services that run in the background to improve integrations with IT device management.

As ITS strives to consistently improve our end user computer support, keeping computers patched to the latest supported version provides the best integration with our computer management systems now and in the future. 

Q: What is the latest supported version of Windows 10 on campus?
A: YSU is licensed to install Windows 10 x64 Enterprise on all YSU purchased and owned computers. The current supported version of Windows 10 is Feature Update 20H2. YSU currently follows the Semi-Annual Channel for Feature Update releases. 

Q: What window of time are Windows Updates set to not install (Active Hours)?
A: Windows Active Hours is a time frame that Windows OS considers the computer in-use. Windows Active Hours on YSU owned computers is set from 5:00 AM - 11:00 PM EST and as a result will not try to auto-restart during this time. 

Q: When are Windows Updates set to install on YSU owned computers?
A: Windows Updates will try to install everyday outside of Windows Active Hours on computers with no logged in session joined to the ysu.local domain.

Q: When do Windows Updates require me to restart my computer and can I delay the restart?
A: Windows Feature Updates, Critical Updates and some Quality Updates may require the computer to restart after installation. Windows Updates have a deadline of 7 days and an additional grace period of 7 days to install and restart. Faculty and staff computers with logged in users will need to schedule installation and restart during the 14 day period. After these 14 days have passed, Windows will notify the user of a forced installation and restart of the computer at a specified date and time. 

Q: What does this process look like from a user perspective?
A: Once the Feature Update or Quality Update has downloaded, a logged in user will see the following prompt pop up in the system tray.




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