Google Risk Mitigation: Managing Technology Usage in Compliance with University Policies


Why are Goggles Sites, GMail and Google Drive being restricted?


University employees at Youngstown State University (YSU) are subject to the Ohio Sunshine Laws, which mandate public records requests for University records and communications. Use of technology outside of YSU's managed systems, such as personal Gmail or Google Drive accounts, poses significant risks of violating these laws. Additionally, utilizing non-University managed technology compromises the University's ability to fulfill state law requirements.

Below are detailed sections which will provide information on the project of Google Risk Mitigation.

Data Protection

YSU has implemented various technologies and controls to safeguard the sensitive information of students, faculty, and staff. Utilizing personal storage and email environments not covered by University security controls puts individuals' data at risk, particularly sensitive information as outlined in the Sensitive Information Policy (3356-4-13). Here is the link to the policy:

The How?

Restrictions on Google Mail and Google Drive access are being enforced at the device level through a local policy. These restrictions and exceptions will be managed on a per-device basis rather than implementing blanket restrictions campus-wide.

The Who?

The restrictions on Google Mail and Google Drive access primarily affect specific Administrative Departments handling sensitive information. Following the initial rollout, the restriction will extend to various academic department users responsible for sensitive information management. However, these restrictions will not impact loaner laptops, lab machines, or personal devices connected to the YSU Wi-Fi, ensuring zero student impact.


Exceptions to the restrictions will be considered on a case-by-case basis, requiring a valid business justification. Employees can submit exception requests through the service desk.


For assistance with migrating from restricted services to YSU-provided alternatives, employees can contact the IT Training Services Team to schedule a consultation using this link: Book a Consultation . Additionally, a comparison article between Google and Microsoft services is available for reference. Article - Google Vs. Microsoft Featur... (

Additional Resources

YSU Guidebook policy - Sensitive Information Policy 4012.01 (refer to responsibilities regarding“sensitive information” as defined in YSU Guidebook)

3356-4-13 Sensitive information - information security

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