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Learn more about using using Microsoft's Scheduling Assistant when organizing a meeting.
Your email signature provides your recipients with your contact details (your phone number and email address, your company's website and active social media accounts, etc.) Adding a signature to your email is a simple task.
Set up Outlook on your Android Device
Your immediate action when faced with suspicious email can help YSU mitigate the threat of ransomware.
This article is designed to assist in utilizing the Phish Alarm through Outlook.
This document will walk you through setting up your YSU Office 365 email on an iPhone/iPad
Setup Outlook to your iOS mobile device.
This article explains how to connect your Office 365 email to your Android and Apple mobile devices.
This article explains how to configure your Outlook 2016 email for Office 365 use on an Apple computer.
This guide will assist with reporting an issue, problem or failure with Office 365 Email / Outlook Email
This article explains how to view current members of Outlook distributions lists or groups and how to request to be added as a member of a list or group.
Share your availability with others, even outside the University, by sending your calendar availability in an email. Explore how to send an overview of your calendar availability.
Share your availability using the Outlook mobile app (iOS, Android, other). Send your meeting availability, and the organizer can easily schedule right from your reply.
Outlook calendars allows users to track and schedule meetings, groups, appointments and more. Users can also share calendars with colleagues and supervisors to share busy times, availability, and other scheduling details.