Outlook: Report an Office 365 Email Issue


How do I report an issue with my Office 365 or Outlook email?


Reporting an Office 365 Email Issue:

  1. Navigate to the Technology Support Portal.
  2. In the Email/Communication category, click Office 365 Email: Report Issue
  3. Sign in with your YSU login ID and password if prompted.
  4. Click Request Service (typically located on the right side of the page).
  5. You will be prompted to complete the following information. The items with an asterisk are required:
    • Requester*: Enter the requester’s name. This field should autofill with your name. 
    • Department*: Select the department of the requester. This field should autofill with your department.
    • Impact: Select the impact in terms of number of individuals affected by the interruption.
    • Urgency: Select the importance of a ticket and how quickly it needs attention.
    • Title*: Enter a short description to explain the nature of this ticket.
    • Description*: Describe, in detail, the change you are requesting. Provide as much information as possible to expedite your request.
    • Attachment: Click Browse to attach any file(s) relevant to the request; this can include screenshots, error logs, etc.
  6. ​​Once you have completed the form, click Request at the bottom of the page.

If you need more assistance, contact the YSU Service Desk at 330-941-1595 or at servicedesk@ysu.edu. You can also submit a service request.

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