Microsoft 365: Installing Microsoft Office on a Personal Device


How do I Install Microsoft Office on a Personal Device? 



This guide will walk you through how to install Microsoft Office on a personal device. 

Please Note: If you already have a current Microsoft Office installation we recommend uninstalling that before installing this new copy. (Many new computers come with a free MS Office trial pre-installed, please uninstall this prior to installing via the steps below)

For instructions on uninstalling Microsoft Office please view:

Uninstall Instructions for a PC:

Uninstall Instructions for a Mac:

Microsoft Office Install Instructions:

To install Microsoft Office, login to your YSU E-mail via O365 Outlook

Login to your YSU O365 E-mail here:

  1. Click on your initials or picture avatar in the top right corner. (example picture shows YSU instead of Initials or picture),
  2. Select ‘View account’.

  3. Select 'Office Apps' (located in the lower left corner)

  4. Click on the ‘Install Office’ button.
    This will begin the download for the Microsoft Office Installer file. 

  5. Once the download has completed, click on the downloaded file to run the Microsoft Office installer.
    Please Note: The image depicted below is using the Google Chrome browser. The downloaded file may appear in a different location on your screen if you are using a different browser. Safari & Firefox have a down arrow in the upper right corner to view recent downloads. Check your downloads folder if you do not see the downloaded file.

  6. Microsoft Office should now begin installing
    You will initially see a 'We're getting things ready' window, followed by a 'Installing Office' window. 

Once Microsoft Office completes the install, you will be able to work on documents offline. You can locate Word, Excel, Powerpoint etc. from the Start Menu on your PC or Applications folder on your Mac.

Microsoft Office will request you to sign in upon opening any Microsoft Office program for the first time. You will need to do this to activate your copy of Microsoft Office. Please use your full YSU e-mail address and password to sign in. (i.e.

You will only need to sign in once, and then all of your Microsoft Office programs will be activated.

If you are unable to successfully resolve your issue or reset your browser, please record the error message you receive and submit a help request. Or, contact the IT Service Desk at 330-941-1595 or

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