Windows 11: Computer Lab Login & Usage


How do I login to the new YSU InTune Windows 11 interface in the computer labs on campus?


YSU is rolling out InTune computers using Windows 11 in all of our PC computer labs. This new experience allows for a seamless integration of your YSU Microsoft 365 Account, including applications like OneDrive, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. The major change is you will now need to login with your full email address. 

To login to InTune computers using Windows 11 in the computer labs with your account, please take the following steps:

1. If the computer is not already powered on, press the power button. Once you are at the screen displaying the background and date/time, click anywhere on the screen to start the login process.

Windows 11 Login Screen: Click to continue

2. When the login screen appears, enter your full email address and password. Next, press Enter on the keyboard or click the arrow to login. If you have any issues with your account, please see the article Account: Penguin Portal Password Reset Instructions or contact the IT Service Desk at 330-941-1595.

Windows 11 Login: Enter your full address and password.

3. The system will now login to Windows 11 using your Microsoft 365 account. This process will take a few seconds to download your profile and prepare Windows 11 with your account information. This will integrate your OneDrive, customized desktop, and other Microsoft 365 resources.

Windows 11 Login: Image displaying the porcess of bui;lding yopur profile on the local computer.

4. After the login process completes, you will now be taken to the desktop. If you have logged into another YSU InTune computer using Windows 11, any customization you made to the desktop will synchronize to the local computer using your OneDrive.

Windows 11 Desktop

You now have access to all YSU provided campus wide software such as the Microsoft 365 suite. If you do not see a program on the desktop, you can use the search function in Windows 11 to search for the program. In this example, the Microsoft Word shortcut does not appear by default on the desktop. Click in the search bar at the bottom left to search for Word.

Winbdows 11: Program search using the lower left search box

If you have any questions or need consultation, please reach out to YSU IT Training Services or email

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