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Bookings: Booking page shows time slots outside of designated business hours

Question My Bookings Page is showing time offerings outside of the defined Business Hours. How can I fix this problem? Answer There is a known issue with some Booking pages that the system

Adobe Software: Signing Into Adobe Creative Cloud

. Choose Company or School Account if you are YSU Faculty, Staff or general Student. NOTE: If you are a student who has received a personal license due to enrollment in a course that

WiFi: Connect to WiFi

Question How do I connect to WiFi on campus and in the residence halls? Answer Get Connected YSU has upgraded and remediated WiFi in all academic buildings and Maag Library.  WiFi

YSU App Cloud: How to Use OneDrive in the YSU App Cloud

sharing across devices. Each student, faculty and staff member account is assigned 1 TB of storage space on OneDrive, granting ample space for project files, homework, and documentation for access on

How to Configure an Android Device to Access Office 365 Email

This guide will assist you in configuring your Android device to access the YSU Office 365 email system ... Question How do I access my YSU Office 365 email from an Android device? Answer This guide will assist you with configuring your Android device to access the MyYSU email system. This guide

Webex Classroom: Aneal Mohan Kohli Classroom of the Future

Classrooms of the Future, Webex Meetings, and Webex Teams enables YSU faculty and staff to continue providing students with high impact learning experiences beyond the classroom walls. Learn more and view the locations. ... Question What is the Aneal Mohan Kohli Classroom of the Future? Answer Classrooms of the Future, Webex Meetings, and Webex Teams enables YSU faculty and staff to continue providing

Network: How to Use the Penguin Connect VPN

 accessing campus-restricted computing resources from a remote location.   Most YSU faculty, staff and students will NOT need to use the Penguin Connect portal or GlobalProtect agent as most of YSU's

Microsoft Teams: Internet Connection Considerations

home because your kids are off school, they may be connected to your network with a game system. You will need to make sure your connection has enough available bandwidth to support all devices. Contact

Blackboard: Request 3rd Party Integration

Who can use it? Faculty and Staff What is it? Blackboard provides a platform for 3rd party companies to develop integrations which bridge to services outside of Blackboard. Instructors can

How to Access the Microsoft Azure Education Portal

Operating System (example: Microsoft Project and Microsoft Visio installed applications are not available on MacOS as Microsoft has never offered a version that will install on this operating system.) In

Accessing the Penguin Portal (PC, Mac, Mobile)

Penguin Portal is Youngstown State University's campus portal. The portal offers students, faculty, and staff secure and personalized access to Office 365 email, Self-Service Banner, and channels of ... Question How do I access the Penguin Portal (PC, Mac or Mobile)? Answer To log in and use the system effectively, YSU recommends one of the following Internet browsers: Internet Explorer 8

Microsoft 365: Accessing Microsoft Office Suite for Online Use

YSU Students and Faculty have access to Office 365 Online Apps. ... . If your device is a supported system, please see the article How to Install Microsoft Office on Your Personal Device.

How to Succeed in an Online Working Environment

Question How do I succeed in an online working environment? Answer Succeeding in an Online Environment Check your YSU emails often.  YSU's voicemail system has an added feature to

Guest: Request a Guest Account

This guide will walk you through requesting a guest account for non-YSU students, faculty, or staff members. ... YSU faculty/staff member that will represent the guest while they are visiting campus. This field will auto-complete to the person who is signed in to the Technology Support Portal. If you are

Accessibility: Make a Scanned PDF Accessible

Scanned PDFs should be made accessible when distributing them on the web and learning management system. ... .  Scanned PDFs should be made accessible when distributing them on the web and learning management system.   Watch a short video to learn how.  (5.29 min)  ​​​​​​​LinkedIn Learning Excerpt: Making a scanned PDF accessible.