Guest: Request a Guest Account


How do I submit a request for a YSU guest account?


You must submit a separate request for each guest that needs access to the YSU network.

How to submit a request for a YSU guest account:

  1. Navigate to the Non-Patron Guest Account Service on the Technology Support Portal by clicking HERE.
  2. Click Request Service (typically located on the right side of the page).
  3. Sign in with your YSU Login ID and password if prompted.
  4. You will be prompted to complete the following information (an asterisk (*) indicates the information is required):
    • YSU Sponsor*: The YSU faculty/staff member that will represent the guest while they are visiting campus. This field will auto-complete to the person who is signed in to the Technology Support Portal. If you are completing this request on behalf of someone else, please enter their name here.
    • Sponsor's Department*: The department associated with the Sponsor. This should only be changed if you have a dual role (e.g. you work part time in multiple departments) or if the department that autocompletes is incorrect.
    • Non-Patron First Name*: Enter the first name of the guest.
    • Non-Patron Middle Initial: Enter the middle initial of the guest. Leave this field blank if the guest does not have a middle name/initial.
    • Non-Patron Last Name*: Enter the last name of the guest.
    • Non-Patron Date of Birth*: Enter the guest's date of birth in the following format: MM/DD/YYYY (where MM = 2-digit month, DD = 2-digit day and YYYY = 4-digit year).
    • Non-Patron University Affiliation*: Select the affiliation from the list that best fits why the guest is on campus. Select Other if the available options do not match why the guest is on campus and provide additional information in the Non-Patron University Affiliation Detail field.
    • Non-Patron University Affiliation Detail: Provide the name of the campus event, school, organization, or vendor associated with the guest.
    • Non-Patron Primary Phone Number*: Enter the primary phone number of the guest.
    • Sponsoring Campus Department: Enter the department sponsoring the guest. This is typically the same as the Sponsor's department, but it could be different.
    • Non-Patron Primary Email Address*: Enter the primary email address for the guest. This should be a non-YSU email address. The address entered will be used to obtain digital acceptance of the YSU Acceptable Use of University Technology Resources Policy. 
      Note: Please double check the email address entered for accuracy as an incorrect address will cause a delay in account provisioning.
    • Non-Patron Street Address*: Enter the street address of the guest.
    • Non-Patron City*: Enter the city of the guest.
    • Non-Patron State*: Select the state of the guest from the list. Select N/A - Not Available if the guest is not from the United States and enter their province/country in the 'County / Province' field that appears below the State field.
    • Non-Patron Service Type*: Select the type from the list that best matches the level of access the guest will need while on campus. See descriptions of each type below:
      • Type 1: Network Login: Access to log into YSU network resources.
      • Type 2: Network Login + YSU Email accountNetwork login that also includes a YSU email account
      • Type 3: Network Login + YSU Email account + Blackboard LearnNetwork login that includes a YSU email account as well as access to the Blackboard Learn system
    • Non-Patron Requested Start Date*: Select the planned start date the guest will require access to the requested account.
    • Non-Patron Requested End Date*: Select the planned end date when the guest will no longer require access to the requested account. 
      Note: Guest accounts typically expire at 11:59 p.m. on the end date specified.
    • Non-Patron Requested Services*:  Please describe the intended use by the guest (e.g. podium PC access, onsite/remote consulting, etc).
    • Attachment: Click Browse to attach any file(s) relevant to the request. This can include spreadsheets, documents, screen shots, etc.
  5. ​​Once you have completed the form, click Request at the bottom of the page.

If you need additional assistance, contact the YSU Service Desk at 330-941-1595 or at

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