Webex: Set Up a Cisco Webex Meeting and Connect with a Cisco Webex Device


How do I use the Cisco Webex Teams Device to place a call for a video conference meeting?

  1. To create your own meeting, go to ysu.webex.com and log in with your YSU email address.

  2. From the main page click Schedule a Meeting on the right side of the screen.

  3. Fill in all the fields for your meeting details.Schedule a Webex Meeting page. Has Meeting Topic, Meeting Password, Date and Time, and Attendees fields to fill out.

  4. After you create the meeting, you will get an email confirmation. Everyone you invited will also get the meeting information.

  5. Your email will have the Host Key information. You will need this information to join the meeting through the Webex Device.

  6. The attendees’ emails will have all the same information except the Host Key. They can click the join the meeting link in the email to join from their web browser.

  7. From the touch panel in a Cisco Teams equipped room, you can type in the 9-digit meeting number followed by @ysu.webex.com. This information will also be in the email you received for the meeting.

  8. After you type this in, click yes for the option to host the meeting, and then type in the host key sent to your email.

  9. If you are not hosting the meeting and receive a meeting invite to someone's Webex meeting, you can just type in the 9-digit number followed by @ and their organization's Webex address. This will be in the email invite you receive from them.

If someone sends you an invite for a non-Webex meeting, you can only join this type of meetings if the invite includes a SIP address. If you do not have a Webex Meeting or a meeting with an SIP address, you will not be able to place a call with a Cisco Webex Conferencing Device.

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