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Classrooms of the Future, Webex Meetings, and Webex Teams enables YSU faculty and staff to continue providing students with high impact learning experiences beyond the classroom walls. Learn more and view the locations.
The Webex desktop app provides quick and easy links to Start a meeting, Join a meeting or Schedule a meeting.
Describes how to use the annotation feature while sharing content in Webex.
This article explains how to connect to a Cisco Webex device if your computer does not automatically connect when you are in the room.
This article explains how to dial into a Zoom meeting from a Webex equipped room.
Webex meetings is available to YSU faculty, staff, and students. Create your personal meeting space and download the desktop app for quicker access.
Learn how to use WebEx Teams and Meetings by downloading the attached instruction guides.
This article explains how to set up a Cisco Webex meeting from off campus.
This article explains how to change the display name for your personal room and personal room link.
This article explains how to create a Webex meeting, along with how to join that meeting from our Cisco Webex devices. This article also explains how to join a meeting that you did not create, along with what types of meeting you are able to join.
This article provides directions on how to join a Webex meeting by audio only.
Provides information on how to create breakout sessions in Webex Meetings.