Blackboard Ultra: Inserting Videos


How do I Insert a Video in Blackboard?


1. Log in to Blackboard and access your course.
2. Select the plus sign where you want to add the video and choose Create.
3. Under Course Content Items, choose Document.
4. Enter a document name. This document will serve as your page to add instructional material.
5. Adjust the visibility and availability settings by selecting the drop-down menu in the upper right corner.
6. Choose Add Content from the center of the screen to begin inserting your video.
7. Type a description, instructions, or action items regarding the video. Select the Insert content menu.

8. Choose Media. Add alternative text for accessibility requirements.
9. Click Insert.

    Optionally, choose YouTube video from the Insert content menu to search YouTube for a specific video.

IDDC Pro Tip: Utilize the content editor box to provide specific actions you want students to take with the
content (read, review, watch, etc.). This enhances clarity within your course by assembling course
elements in an easy to locate and understand manner.

10. Click Save.

11. Click to return to the course content page



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